Our Benefits

Online container management solution

As a member of the Apollo Cargo Experts, you have the opportunity to use the online container management system of Container xChange, which offers optimized solutions for everyday logistics issues.

User-friendly container management solution

xChange allows its users to lease, buy and sell containers in just one click. This makes e-mails and excel documents a thing of the past.

Container management solution including 2.500 locations

Our container management solution allows you to lease, buy and sell over 1 million containers in more than 2.500 locations. Moreover, it allows you to choose between standard and special equipment.

Save time with our container management solution

Our container managament solution lets you keep track of your container at any point in time and receive tracking alerts as well as ETAs for better communication with your customers.

Container management solution for visibility and transparency

By simply selecting your location on the map, our container management solution hands you a list of potential associates, which makes the process a lot quicker. The container management solution also ensures full visibility and transparency.

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