Setting Sail into the New Year: 6 Resolutions for Professional Mariners

At the start of a new year, it’s a time-honored tradition for people to reflect on the past, identify areas of their lives they want to improve and set specific goals for the future by making New Year’s resolutions. For USCG-licensed mariners, whose lives are intertwined with unique risks and challenges, the turning of the […]

It’s happening : DB starts construction for Fehmarn belt tunnel access

Construction for the future German rail access to the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel, leading into Denmark, is officially underway. The new 18.2-kilometre underwater tunnel will connect the Danish island of Lolland with the German island of Fehmarn. This will significantly improve rail freight connections along the Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN-T Corridor, connecting Oslo in Norway to Palermo in […]