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The Apollo Cargo Experts is a premium international logistics network focussing on general freight forwarding professionals. Apollo offers logistics companies the opportunity to compete with multinationals and benefit from extensive programs, unequalled facilities and world-beating added values.

Why us?

Our exclusive formula fully-dedicated to excellence and our multiple membership protection prevent network saturation and heavy internal competition. On top of that, we only select the very best in the forwarders industry.

25 years of experience

On top of that, Apollo Cargo Experts was founded by the management of the Atlas International Network, an independent partnership of freight forwarders building on more than 25 years of experience in the logistics industry.

1 membership, 4 Networks


The Apollo Cargo Experts is part of the Apollo Global Experts, a bigger network group consisting of four sub-networks that are each dedicated to their own specific logistics niche. Thanks to our unique cross-networking principle with financial protection against unpaid invoices, you really become a member of four different logistics networks for the price of one. You can find more details about the Apollo Global Experts’ three other sub-networks below.

The Apollo Breakbulk Experts gives freight forwarders focussing on breakbulk and project cargo the opportunity to be more competitive in their local market by being part of a worldwide network group. Only high quality members with an impeccable reputation are accepted into the Apollo Breakbulk Experts.

The Apollo Cold Chain Experts is a community of freight forwarders specializing in the movement of cold chain goods across the globe. We provide independent cold chain freight forwarders a space to develop long-lasting business relationships with freight forwarders who specialize in the same industry.

The Apollo Pharma Experts offers a solution to the current-day challenges by creating a specialized Experts for GDP and CEIV Pharma certified forwarders. Our Experts will be heavily focusing on developing a network of screened and qualified pharma freight forwarders, ensuring a quality networking experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, the Apollo Cargo Experts offers members up to US$ 50.000 of financial protection when doing business with fellow members of the same network and even US$ 25.000 between members of different Apollo Global sub-networks.

Yes, the Apollo Cargo Experts offers online cargo insurance certificates at competitive tariffs.

Yes, the Apollo Cargo Experts offers its members a US$ 1 W/M incentive for every LCL shipment booked through our worldwide service contract.

Yes, the Apollo Cargo Experts has its very own NVOCC called Atlas Line, which also comes with a house bill of lading that our members can use. 

Yes, the Apollo Cargo Experts offers its members online systems, which makes complying with the most international filings piece of cake.

No, the Apollo Cargo Experts really prioritizes quality over quantity. We achieve this through our extensive verification process of applicants and our regional exclusivity principle.

The Apollo Cargo Experts offers plenty of other benefits to its members, including a container repositioning platform, supply chain automation software, a logistics business accelerator and container benchmarking.